Hey there! I'm a twenty-something writer/filmmaker/gamer from Cork, Ireland. Currently studying English & History at UCC.

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sweet dreams are made of bees
who am i, i’m made of bees
everything is made of bees
send help

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Spiderman represents the everyman, but he represents the underdog and those marginalized who come up against great prejudice which I, as a middle-class straight, white man, don’t really understand so much. When Stan Lee first wrote and created this character, the outcast was the computer nerd, was the science nerd, was the guy that couldn’t get the girl. Those guys now run the world. So how much of an outcast is that version of Peter Parker anymore? That’s my question.

— Andrew Garfield’s Fucking Epic response to the backlash on his suggestion of a bisexual Spider-Man | http://comicsalliance.com/andrew-garfield-spider-man-gay-stan-lee-marvel/?trackback=tsmclip (via buried-and-breathing-in-regret)

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"Oh my GOD Carl I am so done with you.”



The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]

The post I didn’t know I was waiting for



I love shopping!

why are people reblogging the short vine version when this exists

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